mssbhvn14 (mssbhvn14) wrote in bangin_sexy,


Location:Sweet Home alabama
boyfriend/girlfriend(pics would be nice)Im single!


Band(s)-Nirvana, System of a down,Coldplay,The killers, David Colton band
Song lyric-Touch me tease me kiss me please me!
Store-AE, Aeropostal,Buckle
Food-Anything chinease
Drink-pitch black mountain dew, pepsi
Candy-Reese cups,starburst,snickers
Movie(s)-The notebook, The amittville horror, The boogeyman
Actor-brad pitt, Jim Carrey
Actress-Angelina Jolie, gweneth paltrowe, Kirsten Dunst
Type of music-Rap, rock, alternative
fasion trend-i don't like any of them, I like to make my own trend!')

<3~Least Fav~<3

Band-U2, any country singer
Type of music-country, regee,classical
fashion trend-Don't like any of them

<3So much to say<3

2004 election-I don't really follow politics but I guess the right man won, he seems to be doing a good job
Fake people-i think they're so stupid!Why can't you just be yourself and say screw whoever don't like you? If you have to pretend to be something your not just to have a few stuck up people talk to you, why would you even want to talk to them in the first place? just be yourself, it's always better
self mutalation-I know hwo it feels, been there done that, and it's not a good habit! Sometimes it feels like it's the only way to handle things, but trust me there is a better way! And I thank god i found it!
drugs/alcohol-I don't really understand why somebody would risk they're life for a few minutes of pleasure. you see on t.v. every day how many people die from stupid stuff like that and people just keep on doing it! STUPID!
Emo-I don't know. I guess some people could like it. I don't really have a problem with it, it's just not my style

<3Make us laugh<3-

<3 A pic that reminds you of yourself <3

*Are you gonna promote your ass off?*HELL YEAH!

*Show us proof you that you promoted to 2 other livejournal members or 2 communitys*

<3Everyone loves picture time<3 post 3 pictures of you try to have some of your face and your body(if you dont thats ok)please no blurry ones

i want to but ym comp. is acting up but I will as soon as it's fixed!
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knowing how to spell is always a plus, but you lack in that. it seems pretty easy to spell reggae. also, follow politics just a little more. you should not completely shun the world of politics. though very corrupt, you can decide what happens. for drugs, i am a supporter of these, and calling someone stupid for doing drugs and then not knowing how to spell such words like chinese as one, is almost hypocritical, or ironic. more ironic than hypocritical but you should be able to get my point. i hope im not degrading you in any way. but my vote shall be...



June 1 2005, 19:38:14 UTC 12 years ago

then maybe the community should fix their grammer.



June 1 2005, 19:38:52 UTC 12 years ago

my bad, grammar.

i highly doubt that mkthnx is a word...
Yeah we can rate you without pictures I swear. Not..TOLLY PWNT >>
umm this is a rating comm. no pics no rating. If you're going to join a rating community wait till you have the app and pics all together then apply. Come back when you have some pics.
eff no
Not really, I wanted to get you excited. Come back with some pictures. I don't know if they'll do you any good though.

no pics, no yes.
NO pics no comment and learn to spell!