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stamped//small picture post

wow. i haven't updatead in quite a while. i still don't have very many pictures. but i will extremely soon. soon as next week. then i'll go picture crazy with you guys. but for right now i'll show you a picture of me and one of my best friends. then a picture of the guy i'm dating as of right now. =D

Image hosted by
me and one of my best friends Heather this year at prom. it's a horrible pic of me but it'll do. =D

and here are a couple of pics of the guy i'm seeing right now:
Image hosted by
one on the right.


Image hosted by
one on the left.

isn't he just so damn cute. gaaaaawwwwwssshhh. hehe <3

i'll update next week with a bunch of new pictures. sorry i've been extremely busy lately.
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