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Location:Sweet Home alabama
boyfriend/girlfriend(pics would be nice)Im single!


Band(s)-Nirvana, System of a down,Coldplay,The killers, David Colton band
Song lyric-Touch me tease me kiss me please me!
Store-AE, Aeropostal,Buckle
Food-Anything chinease
Drink-pitch black mountain dew, pepsi
Candy-Reese cups,starburst,snickers
Movie(s)-The notebook, The amittville horror, The boogeyman
Actor-brad pitt, Jim Carrey
Actress-Angelina Jolie, gweneth paltrowe, Kirsten Dunst
Type of music-Rap, rock, alternative
fasion trend-i don't like any of them, I like to make my own trend!')

<3~Least Fav~<3

Band-U2, any country singer
Type of music-country, regee,classical
fashion trend-Don't like any of them

<3So much to say<3

2004 election-I don't really follow politics but I guess the right man won, he seems to be doing a good job
Fake people-i think they're so stupid!Why can't you just be yourself and say screw whoever don't like you? If you have to pretend to be something your not just to have a few stuck up people talk to you, why would you even want to talk to them in the first place? just be yourself, it's always better
self mutalation-I know hwo it feels, been there done that, and it's not a good habit! Sometimes it feels like it's the only way to handle things, but trust me there is a better way! And I thank god i found it!
drugs/alcohol-I don't really understand why somebody would risk they're life for a few minutes of pleasure. you see on t.v. every day how many people die from stupid stuff like that and people just keep on doing it! STUPID!
Emo-I don't know. I guess some people could like it. I don't really have a problem with it, it's just not my style

<3Make us laugh<3-

<3 A pic that reminds you of yourself <3

*Are you gonna promote your ass off?*HELL YEAH!

*Show us proof you that you promoted to 2 other livejournal members or 2 communitys*

<3Everyone loves picture time<3 post 3 pictures of you try to have some of your face and your body(if you dont thats ok)please no blurry ones

i want to but ym comp. is acting up but I will as soon as it's fixed!
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